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Thread: Looking for a channel, SiriusXM or Pandora

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    Looking for a channel, SiriusXM or Pandora

    We got introduced to SiriusXM via our Dish Network service. After a little looking and listening, I lit on Watercolors.

    However, there is also a Dish Music channel called Piano and Guitar that I sometimes favor.

    So, I'm looking for a SiriusXM or Pandora channel similar to Dish Piano and Guitar.

    But, I hear someone saying, Pandora channels only work with Sirius streaming.

    Here's the background...

    The motorhome that we purchased a year ago has a Pioneer radio with SiriusXM in it. We got an inexpensive 6 month trial, then subscribed.

    Before it was free, I added streaming. So, now, in my truck, when I drive, I stream Watercolors through the app on my phone, which is jacked into the truck stereo.

    If I could stream a Pandora (or Sirius) channel that was close to Piano and Guitar, I'd be even happier. But I have yet to find one.

    (I get a chuckle out of hearing the ads touting the new included streaming service as "listening outside the car" when I'm driving...)

    And now my wife's new Highlander Hybrid has SiriusXM so, we'll be adding that to the subscription.

    Thanks for any direction you can offer.

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    Welcome to Sirius Buzz! If you don't mind hearing flutes, dulcimers, harps and occasional sounds of ocean waves, rivers and birds mixed with your piano and guitar, you might like Spa, Channel 68. Their format is "new age, ambient and instrumental music." New age music is often used for meditation, yoga and stress reduction. Among the artists they play are Yanni, KitarĊ, Air, Davol, Steve Roach, Peter Calandra, J. Arif Verner, David Arkenstone, Peter Kater, Robert Linton, Miriam Stockley, George Winston, Will Ackerman and Andreas Vollenweider.

    Pandora has a Solo Piano channel which mixes classical with contemporary: has a piano-and-guitar station called Calm Radio:

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    There is also a soft jazz piano channel on YouTube.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I've tried SXM Spa before. It's a little too far out there for me.

    I'll try the Pandora one listed. I think I didn't search Pandora as well as I could have. All I could find was a Christmas Jazz Piano channel, and it's a little too early for that.

    I hadn't heard about before. I'll check it out.

    Same with the youtube channel.

    Thanks again!

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