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Thread: Sirius screen on 2010 ford f150 locked up

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    Sirius screen on 2010 ford f150 locked up

    My wife wanted to listen to 80's music and thought she should put Channel 80 in, instead of 08. Ever since, the screen has had a popup on it and I can't get any Sirius music. This is a touch screen but won't work with the popup on it. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the popup?Sirius.jpg I have a picture attached of what the screen looks like. FYI... I've already tried refreshing it and so has Sirius Support.
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    Welcome to Sirius Buzz! Your Ford has the SYNC 3 navigation system, correct? If your wife tapped Direct Tune and entered 80 instead of 08, all she needed to do was hit "Cancel" and start over or use the backspace to remove the 0 and then tap Enter. I have no idea why that pop-up is there; 80 is an ESPN channel. I assume you're unable to drag the pop-up to the edge of the screen. You can try removing the SYNC fuse from the fuse box or disconnecting the black (negative) battery cable. After a minute or two, replace the fuse or cable, then start the engine and leave it running for about five minutes. The electrical system should reset to factory specifications and the pop-up should be gone. Then you get to have fun resetting the time and your preset channels. If this doesn't work, you'll have to take your Ford back to the dealer and have it fixed. Let's hope that isn't necessary.

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