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Thread: Dish Network Sirius XM

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    Dish Network Sirius XM

    I see that you have to purchase a new subscription to Sirius XM even though you're paying for your Dish Network subscription, I just want to know why the additional subscription is needed. Can someone explain that to me, please.

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    What Dish package do you have? Seventy-two SiriusXM music channels – Turbo, SiriusXM Pops, Pandora NOW and The Beatles Channel are excluded – are part of the Top 120, Top 200, Top 250 and Everything packages and can be heard starting at Dish channel 6002. If you have one of the lower-cost plans such as FLEX TV, the music channels are available only by paying $6 a month for the SiriusXM Music Pack.

    If you want to yell at somebody from Dish: (844) 693-0285.

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