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Thread: 2006 Mercury Mountaineer Sirius-XM radio

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    2006 Mercury Mountaineer Sirius-XM radio

    The battery in my 2006 Mountaineer ran [I]completely[I] down. When I jumped the battery and restarted the engine, the Sirius-XM portion of the radio no longer has any audio at all, like the incoming signal is no longer available. I called Sirius support, the radio was re-set a couple of times, but it still does not work. All other portions of the audio system works as usual.
    Anyone have any experience with this situation? Any possible solutions?

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    In a 2006 Mountaineer, there is a good chance that the SiriusXM receiver is a separate box from the actual stereo head. And it may be on a separate fuse as well. If me, I would try to find the fuse that supplies the SiriusXM receiver and see if it is blown. Also, if the SiriusXM receiver is accessible, I would try to unplug it and plug it back in. Resetting the stereo head may not reset the SiriusXM receiver. But unplugging and plugging it back in may do the trick. It's worth a try anyway.

    It should be noted that my experience with this is mainly on Chrysler and Dodge vehicles from the same era, not Fords or Mercuries.

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