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Thread: Sirius For Free?

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    Sirius For Free?

    I have an idea that I think would benefit Sirius.

    Why doesn't Sirius offer free radio to people who don't want to sign up for the service? I know it sounds funny but hear me out. For people who don't turn on their service or let there trial subscription run out they could turn on all of the radios for all of the automakers with half of the channels being available and leave out the best stuff like Stern and Sports. Essentially they would automatically have Millions of new listeners instantly and this would make it extremely attractive to high dollar advertisers for the free service thus creating a ton of new revenue. The radios are already out there in all of the new cars, why shouldn't they be used to create some sort of revenue. What about the people who are paying...well they would be paying for commercial free music and all of the premium content. They could drop the cost of the premium content (which they were already going to do) and I bet it would allow people who never thought of paying for radio to become subscribers.

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    Not a terrible idea

    Anything to create revenue

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    It definitely wouldnt hurt, and you make a great point.

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    Your idea does not sound funny, in fact, I posted about this last week.

    Alternative Revenue Sources

    It was also being talked about on the discussion boards HERE.

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