It's a new year and here is a new thread. This thread will feature the biggest business news stories of 2019. We can start a thread for 2020 business news in 2020 -- and a thread for 2021 business news in 2021 -- and.......well, you get the idea. Unfortunately, the first two big stories of 2019 are bad news.

Apple's surprise revenue shortfall is dragging down the rest of the tech industry
Business Insider, Jan 2 2019

Apple said today that its holiday quarter revenue would be 7% lower than expected due to weakening iPhone sales, primarily in China. Since the announcement, Apple's stock has dropped more than 7% in after-hours trading. The news of Apple missing its mark appears to be impacting other tech stocks, with Amazon, Intel, Alphabet, Qualcomm and others all taking hits in after-hours trading.