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    After 17 months of merger worry/BS, could the tide be turning? No, really. While keeping a steadfast 'strategy' with this equity, along with an optimistic view of SIRI's future, I offer this:
    DOJ/FCC approval+Bad financing to close merger+Synergies announced (min. of $425 million)+bad 'set' (think comedian) by Mel @ Merrill conference+announcement of 'best of' + new radios (with no fanfare and overlooked by Mel's poor presentaion)+world financial meltdown+credit markets pinched+SEC announcement of short-selling crackdown+gov't bailout of all+further SEC 'rumored' TOTAL temporary ban on short-selling+Oct. 6 coming and the anticipation that Mel will get the financing done--and I stress--done right this time+an economic recovery (have we hit the bottom?)+I hope to see creative Ads from SIRI in the next week===the future that we have thought we would have seen many months ago.

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    What increase would you project if your senario should eventuate?


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