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Thread: 20 on 20 (or Top 20 on 20)

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    20 on 20 (or Top 20 on 20)

    A few years ago, 20 on 20 (a.k.a. Top 20 on 20) was replaced by Venus.

    20 on 20 was a music discovery channel. It played a lot of the hottest hits at the moment, but also played a lot of unsigned/independent performers. After 20 on 20 went under, the unsigned/independent performers now no longer had a platform they could be supported on. A lot of people were extremely bitter about SiriusXM dumping 20 on 20 and replacing it with Venus. Venus dabbles with lesser known music a little bit, but nowhere near to the extent 20 on 20 did.

    Either way, a page has been created in memory of 20 on 20. Fans of the station can discuss the station, songs that they liked which were played on the station, etc. It can be found here...

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    20 On 20 -- it was originally channel 20 before moving to channel 3 -- was one of the original channels when XM launched on September 25, 2001. Listeners could go online or call XM and vote for their favorite songs, then listen to the countdown to hear the results -- what a concept! The channel lasted until July 16, 2014. Thanks, 20on20, for posting that link.

    Two other now-defunct channels that many subscribers greatly miss are Fine Tuning and On The Rocks. Wouldn't it be nice if SiriusXM would let us vote on which channels should be dropped and which channels should be re-added? Dream on.

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