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Thread: Antenna Disconnected or damaged

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    Antenna Disconnected or damaged

    We had a sirus radio installed in my daughters car in January. In the past week she has been getting “antenna disconnected or damaged” on the display. Should I try to check the antenna myself or change the antenna? Or go to Best Buy?

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    Onyx and Edge receivers occasionally display that message even when nothing is wrong with the antenna. If the cable is not bent or broken, simply disconnecting and reconnecting the antenna should solve the problem. If not, you may need a new antenna -- but after just a few months? Unlikely.

    There is an extremely small possibility that the connections in the docking unit are degraded but that happens only when (a) the dock has been in the vehicle for many years, (b) the receiver is frequently being taken out of the dock and put back in, and/or (c) the vehicle is often driven on rough bumpy roads.

    Here are two other Sirius Buzz discussions which may be of help:

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