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Thread: My radio was given a NEW ID#

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    My radio was given a NEW ID#

    Does anyone know why my Sirius car radio was given a new ID#? Went to the store, worked fine. Went home 1 hour radio. Got the ID# on the radio and called Sirius and they told me it was different from the ID# on my account, which was begun over two years ago. They changed the radio ID# on my account...all was OK after they refreshed the data.
    Question is, the dealer didn't change my radio ID#, so how could this happen???
    Any ideas???


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    Russian hackers, maybe? Car dealers can't change the ID number. On most SiriusXM radios, the number is displayed on Channel 0. It is also shown on your online account -- if you have an online account:

    Is the new ID number completely different from the original number or does it differ by just a single digit? Most likely, someone at SiriusXM inadvertently altered the number in the database.

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