View Poll Results: Who will win Super Bowl LIII?

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  • Patriots

    2 50.00%
  • Steelers

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  • Eagles

    1 25.00%
  • Other

    1 25.00%
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Thread: POLL: Who will win Super Bowl LIII?

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    Jim Harbaugh says there should be a statue of Tom Brady at the University of Michigan. That is where Brady played for four years before he was drafted by the Patriots in 2000.

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    Yesterday in New York, police arrested a 60-year-old who told them he had been kidnapped two days earlier by two men who robbed him, forced him to drive around New York for two days and then tied him up and left him in the back seat of his pickup truck. It didn't take Lieutenant Columbo to determine the man was lying. Here is why he made up the story:

    Man fakes his own kidnapping to avoid paying $50,000 Super Bowl bet

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