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Thread: Traffic and Traffic Plus services

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    Question Traffic and Traffic Plus services

    What is the difference between 'Traffic' and 'Traffic Plus' services?
    I've spoken to CS but I keep getting the run around........

    On the Canadian website, both services are offered at the same price. From what I can gather, the Plus offers greater coverage in both USA and Canada.

    I asked to switch from Traffic to Traffic Plus and was told my car radio hardware doesn't support the added services. Foes this make any sense? If Traffic works, why wouldn't Traffic Plus??

    Does anyone have experience with this?

    Thanks - in advance.

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    Welcome to Sirius Buzz, Mister Slickster! SiriusXM Traffic Plus is built in to the uConnect navigation systems on many new cars, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Lincoln and Mercedes. Other services can be added to it; therefore, "Plus." Traffic Plus boasts of "24/7 incident coverage of most major roadways nationwide" and throughout Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. SiriusXM promises to add other Canadian cities soon. And if you subscribe to the additional services (Travel Link, Nav Traffic, Nav Weather), Traffic Plus can show you the weather, traffic speed, sports scores, movie listings and stock quotes and tell you where to find good parking places and the lowest gasoline prices. Of course you risk causing an accident by staring at the screen, but.........

    Here is the Traffic Plus video posted by SiriusXM in February 2017:

    SiriusXM Traffic Plus: Don't drive through traffic, drive around it.
    Avoid congestion before you reach it with SiriusXM Traffic Plus. Get detailed information on traffic speed, accidents, construction, road closures and more.

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