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Thread: Jam on channel 29

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    Jam on channel 29

    What happened to jam on channel 29????? I pay over $200plus a year and only listen to 4 channels now it’s only 3 after they took jam on away. When my subscription runs out I am DONE with Sirius I almost vomited on my dashboard when I heard beyonsay coming out my speakers

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    You’ll find Coachella Radio on Ch. 29 starting April 12 through April 25.

    Its a limited run engagement.
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    I was told Coachella was permanent and jam on is history

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    Coachella Radio will last 14 days. In the meantime, you can still hear Jam On online at

    Here is SiriusXM's description of Coachella Radio:

    "SiriusXM's Coachella Radio, the limited-run channel, will feature music by artists who will be performing at Coachella 2018 leading up to the festival. Coachella Radio will then provide continuous coverage of the festival both weekends with live performances, artist interviews and exclusive Coachella news and happenings. The broadcast will include interviews and live concert performances from Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Kygo, Cardi B, The War on Drugs, Portugal The Man, alt-J, Bleachers, Migos, St Vincent, Vance Joy, HAIM, Vince Staples, Jamiroquai, Nile Rodgers & Chic, David Byrne, ODESZA, Deorro, 6LACK and many more."

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    They should have chosen another channel to do this on! IMO there are many many useless xm channels. And they had to choose jam on???? Are u kidding me. Out of the 200plus channels there are maybe at the most 10 that are worth anything IMO
    Jam on is the only channel of its kind

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