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Thread: WARNING: Scam phone ad #25.....and counting

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    WARNING: Scam phone ad #25.....and counting

    Today on Sirius Buzz, another scam phone ad was posted. This makes 25 different screen names, 25 new threads started and 25 scam phone ads posted in the past four months. The scam ads have been posted in the political forum, the talk forum, the satellite hardware forum and several others. I believe all these scam ads are coming from the same person. Most of them offer iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones, usually in bulk, like 10 or 20. Today's scam ad offers 20 Galaxy S9 phones for $11,740 -- because the scammer knows that the average person is likely to have 12,000 extra dollars to spend and is likely to buy 20 phones at a time, right?

    Every few days, the scammer creates a new account, always with a screen name made by tapping random letters on a keyboard. The latest names are "lulrydyr" and "lqlqlqlqlq" and "iiaticuyts" and now "asilbikin." Then he starts a new thread with an ad for the phones. Are the phones stolen? Are they fake knockoffs? I have no way of knowing. But nothing about the ads or the scammer's methods suggest legitimacy and he's using Sirius Buzz as a source of free advertising.

    Please, everyone, do not open the scam ads. Don't read them and definitely do not order any of the phones. If you want a new phone, get it from a reputable dealer, not from a scammer who hides behind fake screen names and offers to sell 10 or 20 phones at a time.
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