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Thread: The Loft is no longer on Channel 30

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    The Loft is no longer on Channel 30

    'Tis better to have loved The Loft than never to have heard The Loft at all. (With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson.) The Loft is no longer on Channel 30 but remains on SiriusXM online, the SiriusXM app and Dish Channel 6030. Program director and imaging voice Mike Marrone, who knew the end was near, retired at the end of 2017 and was replaced by Chris Muckley. This announcement appears on The Loft's Twitter page: "The Loft will continue to be an online only channel. We are still available via the app and via numerous streaming devices." In January, Channel 30 became an Eagles channel. This month it is a Billy Joel channel. Next month.....who knows?

    Here is a sample of what The Loft played in its final month on Channel 30. Non-charting singles are denoted by dashes. And yes, The Loft really did play Xavier Cugat's Brazil*from 1943 and Peggy Lee's He's A Tramp from the 1955 animated movie Lady & The Tramp.

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    Channel 30 - The Loft

    A Crooked Road - Darrell Scott (LP/2010)
    A Daisy Through Concrete - Eels (LP/2000)
    A Long Way From Home - Americans (LP/2017)
    A Long Way From Home - Ray Davies/Lucinda Williams (LP/2010)
    A Million Miles - Guggenheim Grotto (XM studio recording/EP/2007)
    A Simple Song Of Freedom - Bobby Darin (UR/1971, LP/1987)
    Abraham Martin & John - Ray Charles (LP/1972)
    Ain't Life A Brook - Ferron (LP/1980)
    Ain't Nothin' But A Party - Dirty Dozen Brass Band (LP/2002)
    Ain't That So - Roxy Music (LP/1979)
    Airplane - David Rawlings (LP/2017)
    All Night Long - Pokey LaFarge (LP/2015)
    All On My Mind - Anderson East (--/2017)
    Angel Eyes - Roxy Music (--/1979)
    Aquarian - Grizzly Bear (LP/2017)
    As Long As We're Together - Lemon Twigs (--/2016)
    Autobahn (Album version) - Kraftwerk (25/1974)
    Avalon - Roxy Music (--/1982)
    Baby Doll - Dan Wilson (LP/2007)
    Baby Blue - Badfinger (14/1972)
    Baby's Arms - Kurt Vile (LP/2011)
    Back In The Game - Stone Foundation/Paul Weller (LP/2017)
    Ballad Of A Thin Man - Bob Dylan (LP/1965)
    Barra Clapping Song - Capercaillie (LP/1997)
    Be Brave - Modest Mouse (LP/2015)
    Bean Time - Leo Kottke (LP/1972)
    Beautiful Feeling - Paul Kelly/Boon Companions (LP/2004)
    Benedictus - Strawbs (--/1971)
    Better Man Than Me - Pokey LaFarge (LP/2017)
    Better Than Love - Griffin House (LP/2007)
    Bird Dog - Everly Brothers (1/1958)
    Black Mirror - Birdy Bardot (LP/2017)
    Blinking Lights - Eels (LP/2005)
    Boogie On Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder (3/1974)
    Born Again - Tyler Childers (LP/2017)
    Boy - Michael Stipe/Golden Palominos (--/1986)
    Brazil - Xavier Cugat (2/1943)
    Breathe - Willy Porter (LP/2002)
    Burning Bridges - Lucinda Williams (LP/2014)
    Can't Quite Put It Into Words - Leo Kottke (LP/1975)
    Change - Patty Griffin (LP/1998)
    Cherry Oh Baby - Rolling Stones (LP/1976)
    Cissy Strut - Dirty Dozen Brass Band (LP/2002)
    Cò Ni Mire Rium - Capercaillie (LP/1997)
    Cut-Out - Grizzly Bear (LP/2017)
    Dance Away - Roxy Music (44/1979)
    Day After Day - Badfinger (4/1971)
    Dedicated To The One I Love - 5 Royales (--/1957, --/1961)
    Deep Red Bells - Neko Case (LP/2002)
    Dignity - Bob Dylan (UR/1989, LP/1994)
    Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog (Live) - Johnny Cash (LP/1968)
    Disorder In The House - Warren Zevon/Bruce Springsteen (--/2003)
    Dog's Life - Eels (LP/1998)
    Don't Forget Me - Neko Case (:P/2009)
    Doom & Gloom - Rolling Stones (--/2012)
    Down To The River - Darrell Scott (LP/2016)
    Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man - Byrds (--/1969)
    Dude Looks Like A Lady - Aerosmith (14/1987)
    Dulce Et Decorum Et - Matthew Ryan (LP/2008)
    East Nashville Song About A Train - Aaron Lee Tasjan (LP/2015)
    Easy Silence - Dan Wilson (LP/2007)
    Eight Miles High - Roxy Music (LP/1980)
    End Of The Line - Traveling Wilburys (63/1989)
    Especially Me - Low (LP/2011)
    Even Less - Porcupine Tree (LP/1999)
    Everybody's Song - Low (LP/2005)
    Fear Is Our Undoing - Peter Himmelman (LP/2017)
    Fear Of A Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree (LP/2007)
    Feathered Indians - Tyler Childers (LP/2017)
    Feel Flows - Beach Boys (LP/1971)
    Feel My Pain - Kurt Vile (LP/2013)
    Feel The Pain - Dinosaur Jr (--/1994)
    Fight For The World - Peter Himmelman (LP/1987)
    First Night - Hold Steady (LP/2006)
    Folsom Prison/White Freightliner (Live) - Darrell Scott (LP/2004)
    Footloose - Kenny Loggins (1/1984)
    Fortune - Birdy Bardot (LP/2017)
    Free Life - Dan Wilson (LP/2007)
    Friends - Beach Boys (47/1968)
    Funky Pretty - Beach Boys (B/1973)
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