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Thread: Antenna options for Sirius car radio

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    Antenna options for Sirius car radio

    The second magnetic car antenna just died. Is there a better antenna to get? It was a new version of the XM Vehicle Antenna, Model # BXMVANTF-D that is only available reconditioned or new in a kit.

    Looking at these antennas from Amazon;

    SiriusXM NGVA3 Magnetic Antenna Mount for Your Vehicle

    Browning BR-TRUCKER Satellite Radio Trucker Mirror-Mount Antenna with Large Built-In Ground Plane

    WSP7759 - TRAM 7759 Satellite Radio Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna


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    wow almost 6 months ago you posted this and no one replied. I too need a better antenna and that's how I found this post.

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    I complain quite often about the lack of participation on this site. I keep encouraging people to post here lest Sirius Buzz becomes my own personal blog. They ignore me. Ah, well, let's move on. The TRAM antennas are designed more for trucks and RVs, not cars. If you want the best antenna, I recommend the Pixel PRO-600:

    If you want a good antenna that costs much less than the PRO-600, I recommend SiriusXM's NGVA3:

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