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Thread: Switch box for multiple speakers

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    Unhappy Switch box for multiple speakers

    Hi, I've run 3 different cables from my radio to speakers. The speaker end has the red/white end. The sat radio has the small peg end - I've no idea what it's called.

    So I don't have to continually unplug one of the pegs from the audio spot on the back of the sat radio, I'm looking for a switch box that will allow me to plug in the 3 peg ends from the speaker cables and output one peg to the back of the radio. I can then simply switch to A-B-C output instead of having to turn the radio around and remove one plug and then put in another.

    After a lot of looking around and zero help from Best Buy or Fry's, I'm thinking this doesn't exist. So I thought I'd ask here as this is specifically for my SiriusXM indoor radio.

    Thanks, Vicci

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    Welcome to SiriusBuzz! Amazon has a splitter that takes 1/8" mini plugs:

    Yes, the instructions are in Korean -- 죄송 해요 -- but the splitter is easy enough to figure out. You would have to have an adapter cable so you can use the speaker cables with the splitter:

    So what you want does exist. It just comes in two separate parts.

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    Switch box for multiple speakers

    Thank you! The first item is what I need as I have the red/white part. Awesome! I will come back after I get it and let you know how it worked out.


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