Good day all

I've been using a starmate in my Honda Pilot and just upgraded to a Pioneer SXM ready head unit. The installer told me he was just going to use the old starmate antenna and attach it to the Pioneer. I asked if I'd lose any functionality, and he said no.

I drove home and all was ok. Next time I turned on the car, I started getting antenna signal messages. Sometimes no channels work, sometimes some channels work, and once all channels worked.

I still have to run the firmware upgrade for the Pioneer radio, and the notes for that upgrade do note Sirius connectivity issues, but I'm obviously left wondering if the antenna that came with the sxv300 should have been installed. I did bring the new antenna home, and I'm sure they'll install it for me if I bring it back and explain the issue.

For the record, I never had antenna issues like this with the starmate, so it's not an antenna placement issue.

Thank you in advance,