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Thread: "program guide is updating and will be available shortly" Not Happening "Shortly"

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    "program guide is updating and will be available shortly" Not Happening "Shortly"

    My Sirius XM radio has been on for several hours. I am still getting the message, "program guide is updating and will be available shortly."

    In the past, that message has gone away and the program guide has been available within ten minutes or so.

    The radio is receiving a strong satellite signal, and stations are working, but not the program guide.

    Any ideas what might cause such a long delay? Anything I can or should do?


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    Bill, is your receiver still showing that message? When SiriusXM made some channel changes last August, they said the update should take "2-5 minutes" and specific types of radios may need "a few extra minutes."

    "Several hours" is a considerably longer time span than "a few extra minutes." Perhaps section 1 under "Troubleshooting" might be helpful.

    You can also try refreshing the signal. Have your radio ID number handy and tune to channel 1 if you have an XM receiver or channel 184 if you have a Sirius receiver. Then call 855-MY-REFRESH or go to

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