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Thread: Mel wants to F his shareholders buy stealing the combined co. from you.

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    I actually agree with you frigginregan

    I absolutely agree that that would be the perfect scenario, but in reality Mel "Bad"Karma - zin has been one let down after the other. The realists out here know there will be no big news and the market will just ignore the launch of new radios and best of programming. This shit stock will still be hovering around a dollar after Oct. 6th. His wisecrackin and sarcastic rambling has upset this stock even more. He is a great disappointment, and I am onboard with a full investigation into him and his board, and what the **** they are up to, because its obvious something stinks, and if you can't smell it, your brainwashed.
    I almost believe Mel is on a mission, to make these (you and me) unsophisticated shareholders pay for not backing him 100% and trying to throw a wrench into his master plan.
    To buy it up cheap and sell it to the highest bidder, at the cost of the shareholder.
    Until he proves differently, You cannot sway my view.
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