I agree Rem. But look at the market. Have you EVER seen more panic? More insanity?

I'm afraid any deal would get lost in the crazy panic in such a market and have NO affect.

Unless Mel can strike an UNBELIEVABLE deal right now...I prefer to take a couple of aspirin and wait a week or two.

Imagine if Sirius can weather these next few weeks. Then the market settles because the government bailed out AIG...and the panic slowly lifts. A small rally in the market begins.

Then October 6th Sirius comes out with it's new radios and Best Of plans. Perhaps a tv commercial campaign.

AND THEN....in that more positive atmosphere Mel announces a refinancing deal.

DOn't you think the market would react much more favorably to Sirius THEN?

I'm not saying this will happen...or that the next few weeks of waiting will be easy. My stomach actually hurts watching what is happening today. If it gets worse...I might develop an ulcer!

But wait I will. What else can we do?