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Thread: Renaissance Music on Sirius or Elsewhere via Satellite?

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    Renaissance Music on Sirius or Elsewhere via Satellite?

    For Christmas, Santa brought us a Sirius XM radio. I've subscribed to the $19-and-change package.

    I enjoy listening to Renaissance music on Slacker. Are there any options for listening to that type of music on Sirius or elsewhere via satellite, for when I'm driving instead of at home? I haven't been able to find any. The closest is one classical-music channel on Sirius. Not the same, though.


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    BSquared18. I knew your father, BSquared17. Welcome to Sirius Buzz! I'm assuming your car is not Internet-capable. You can purchase a wi-fi router from Autonet Mobile in Santa Rosa, California -- -- which will turn your car into a "hot spot" and allow you to listen to music on a tablet or cell phone while you're driving. There is a monthly subscription fee but it's usually less if you order the router from your automobile dealer.

    An excellent channel for Renaissance music is Ancient FM out of Kingston, Ontario. You can go to or access the channel via or

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    Hi Rewind.

    We can turn one of our cell phones into a Verizon hotspot and plug the phone into the car's audio system. We have unlimited bandwidth, although after a certain point, it slows down until the next billing cycle. So, we'd rather save that for other uses when on long trips. Also, unlike a satellite, we're limited to areas with Verizon towers, and in some of the areas where we travel, they are few and far between.

    Thanks for the Kingston tip for Renaissance music. I'll check into that. In addition, if I did use a hotspot, I could listen to Slacker, which I subscribe to so that there are no commercials. They have a great Renaissance station.

    I wish Sirius' selections were a bit more eclectic.


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    To answer your question, there is no Renaissance music on any of the stations on Sirius, XM, or SiriusXM radios. All the music ranges from rock to popular, smooth jazz, and easy listening.

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