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What's up SS, NAZ, DM.....All! Been a while. Still long SIRI. Glad I haven't bailed. Real nice gains over last year or so. Also long LSXMA/K. Not day trading much at all. More swing trading. Don't have as much time.......life, family etc. Still checking in every few days or so just not posting. This Dogs going to 10 within the next couple years unless we finally hook up with Liberty first. Congrats to all you longs ........nice ride. I'm not as long as some of you guys time wise but still have s bunch of 2011 lots in my acct. Time flies Dudes GLTA
Denco, Good to hear from you... For me, I became more secure with my SIRI position after Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of SIRI shares... Will probably make strategic sells when the timing is right. Hoping for legislation allowing for some Capital Gains tax relief from the GOP. 15% Capital Gains tax for ALL gains would be nice.