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Thread: The addition of Bannon to station

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    The addition of Bannon to station

    I am newish to SIRIUS XM(it came with my 2016 Ford) and I have been loving it.
    I renewed my subscription when the trial ended. I have enjoyed all the sports and
    the vast music genre choices. I just heard that bannon has been added and my first
    reaction was to cancel my subscription. How could I support a company that supports
    a creature who spouts racism and hate. After listening to AM Joy (on SIRIUS XM) I have
    decided that cancelling my subscription would give that creature a win. I wish there was a way
    to block that from my radio. I will never listen to it but it will make me nauseous knowing it is there.

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    "Newish"? Funny, you don't look newish. (Sorry, I know that was a bad pun.)

    Actor Seth Rogen was scheduled to appear on several SiriusXM programs December 12 to promote the James Franco movie The Disaster Artist, which Rogen produced and co-stars in. He canceled the appearances because he does not want to be on a satellite service that supports Steve Bannon. December 12 is also the date of the election in Alabama to choose a new Senator -- and Bannon has been campaigning for child molester Roy Moore. Lovely.

    SiriusXM released a "damage control" statement saying they promote "free speech" and do not take any political positions. Yeah, sure. Here is the story from Variety:

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    Sirius XM might want to promote free speech but they did not have to hire Steve Bannon. There are plenty of other people they could have hired. Bannon fills Breitbart with hateful stories and many of them are completely fake. You can look it up on Google.

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    There is a show business saying, "Any publicity is good publicity." I disagree. SiriusXM is getting some bad publicity:

    SiriusXM faces celebrity backlash after Steve Bannon rejoins radio show
    CNN, Dec 10 2017 6:51 PM

    Actors Seth Rogen, John Leguizamo, and singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge have all promised to boycott SiriusXM for allowing Bannon to appear on the subscription radio service. The outcry started after SiriusXM announced last Tuesday that Bannon, the former chief strategist for President Trump, would be a host on the Breitbart News Daily radio show. It airs on Patriot, a conservative channel.

    "I can't bring myself to appear on the same service that has decided to support Steve Bannon," Rogen tweeted Friday, adding that he canceled a scheduled press tour on SiriusXM. Rogen stars in the new film The Disaster Artist. Etheridge also said Friday she would abandon her involvement with Volume, saying, "I will not be a part of amplifying or normalizing hate speech."

    Leguizamo, the Broadway and screen actor, followed Sunday. He tweeted to his more than 800,000 followers that he "just canceled my SiriusXM because they hired Bannon! No hatemongers!" The hashtag #BoycottSiriusXM, meanwhile, was posted or shared by thousands of social media users over the weekend.

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    "Vile." "Despicable." "Disgusting." That is how Dean Obeidallah, a program host on Progress Radio, Channel 127, describes Steve Bannon. Reacting to the outrage of Seth Rogen, John Leguizamo and Melissa Etheridge, all of whom ended their association with SiriusXM when Steve Bannon joined the Patriot channel -- although Etheridge has since reconsidered -- Obeidallah wrote an essay declaring that "the best way to counter speech you don't like is with more speech, not less. I won't let Bannon have the satisfaction of getting me to quit a show where I slam him and his views nightly. The number-one priority of my show is to defeat Bannon, Trump and all who espouse their white nationalist, divisive and un-American views."

    Why the left shouldn't boycott SiriusXM over Steve Bannon

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    Steve Bannon's SiriusXM career did not last long. On January 9, he stepped down as executive chairman of Breitbart News and thus, because SiriusXM's contract is with Breitbart and not Bannon, he will no longer be hosting Breitbart News Daily on Channel 125, Patriot. Donald Trump says Bannon has "lost his mind." Trump now calls him "Sloppy Steve." Those two deserve each other.

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