Some people have a fear of circus clowns. Here is one reason why:

The #MeToo movement hits the circus: 'Grandma' the clown resigns
New York Times, January 23 2018

One of America’s most revered circus performers, Grandma the clown, has resigned from the world-renowned Big Apple Circus after it was revealed that he pressured 16-year-old aerialist Zoey Dunne into posing for pornographic photos in 2004. Barry Lubin, 65, who played Grandma in a wig, pearls and a lumpy red dress to audiences of millions, offered his resignation on Friday shortly after Dunne contacted the circus to accuse him, said the circus’s chairman, Neil Kahanovitz, on Tuesday. Lubin, through his lawyer, released a statement acknowledging and apologizing for his conduct: "The allegations are true. What I did was wrong and I take full responsibility for my actions."