In August 2017, Disney announced plans to launch its own streaming service in 2019. Let us hope that it won't raise prices every year like the theme parks do.

Disney says it’s not trying to hurt or kill Netflix
Polygon, Feb 14 2018 9:21 AM

Disney is readying to launch its own stand-alone streaming service that will rely heavily on Star Wars and Marvel Studios brands, but a Disney executive says the company is not trying to harmNetflix in the process. Kevin Mayer, Disney’s chief strategy officer, told Peter Kafka at Recode’s CodeCon that Disney isn’t even really looking to compete with Netflix. Mayer’s comments echo what his boss, CEO Bob Iger, said during last week's investors call. Disney is looking to offer quality series and original movies based on the company’s most popular brands but won’t offer the scale of choice in titles that Netflix currently does. "I personally like Netflix. They’ve got a great product," Mayer said. "They do exceedingly well in the marketplace. What we’re doing, we’re not trying to hurt or kill Netflix."

Mayer’s comments aren’t too surprising considering the company isn’t necessarily ending its relationship with Netflix stone cold. Iger said Netflix "will have rights to the films that were made in ’16, ’17 and ’18 for quite a long period of time," reiterating that it’s only new films Netflix will no longer be able to carry. Netflix subscribers will still be able to find older Disney titles on the streaming service, which serves more than 100 million people worldwide, but will have to sign up for Disney’s streaming platform to watch newer titles.