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Thread: The 2020 Presidential race

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    A lot of women have accused Trump of sexual assault and he even bragged about being able to assault women, so I do not think voters are going to care about
    something Biden supposedly did in 1993.

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    You might be right but there is other evidence of his 'creepy' proclivities. Additionally, his history shows he has never been for working people but is instead a confirmed corporate sycophant. His current donor base provides conclusive evidence of that if any was needed.

    Relative to Trump's grotesque behavior, it is a sign of dem impotence and enabling, voter apathy and stupidity, MSM collusion, and lack of any meaningful opposition. The fact that he has gotten away with everything he does supports that observation. Our owners don't like his blatant crude and vulgar actions because it draws attention but DO appreciate everything he does for them. There is overwhelming evidence of that.

    That is what now passes for what many believe is a 'wonderful' country. Few understand how corrupt this country is and how long it has been that way.

    Trump has exposed it but few will care.

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    Voter apathy and stupidity is indeed a huge problem. As for "meaningful opposition" to Trump, don't forget that former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld won one whole delegate in Iowa. Wooh! I guess winning only one delegate isn't really "meaningful," though. Weld resigned from the race last week.

    Civil war did not halt the 1862 Presidential election and COVID-19 will not halt the 2020 Presidential election. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we're told to practice "social distancing," staying at least six feet away from other people. That obviously includes voting by mail instead of at a polling place. Elections in Colorado, Hawai'i, Utah, Oregon and Washington are done entirely by mail. The Federal Election Commission and voting-rights groups are calling for a vote-by-mail system for all remaining Presidential primaries and the November 3 election. In addition, Democrats would like all 50 states to allow 15 days of early voting prior to November 3.

    Experts are warning coronavirus puts the integrity of the 2020 election at risk

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    As of April 1, oddsmakers at the European sports betting site Betfair are favoring Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate. Amy Klobuchar is second on the list and is followed by Stacey Abrams, Catherine Cortez Masto, Gretchen Whitmer and Elizabeth Warren. Biden needs to win Michigan. Whitmer could help him do that.

    Biden confirms he's considering Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for VP

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    Everyone is fearful of catching the COVID-19 virus. Who decided holding a convention in July is risky but holding it in August is safe? Probably the same people who decided being five feet away from others is risky but staying six feet away is safe.

    Democratic Party delays July convention in Milwaukee over coronavirus concerns
    The four-day event is now slated to begin on August 17.

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