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Thread: The 2020 Presidential race

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    The 2020 Presidential race

    On his 1,063rd day in office, President Bill Clinton formed a re-election committee and registered it with the Federal Election Commission. Ronald Reagan formed a re-election committee on his 1,001st day in office. Donald Trump formed a re-election committee on his first day in office! Delusions of grandeur, Donald? A little bit premature there, Donald?

    Among the Democrats rumored to be considering running in 2020 are Gavin Newsom, Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren. Tim Kaine, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama have all ruled out a Presidential bid. Bernie Sanders will likely run again as an Independent.

    I know I'm not the only one here with strong political beliefs and opinions. I'm hoping that other SiriusBuzz members will take part in this discussion. Otherwise, this will not be a discussion. Who do you like? Who do you dislike? Who do you think should run for President, and why? 2020 is not that far off.
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