Kim Jong-un vows to take on Trump with 'merciless' strikes on South Korea and American bases as China warns of imminent war
New Zealand Herald, Apr 15 2017 7:22 AM

North Korea upped its warmongering with Donald Trump today in a series of menacing boasts threatening to "ravage" US troops amid fears the two countries are heading for war. The secretive state vowed to "pulverise" US bases and South Korean capital Seoul if it was threatened by the US military, which is carrying out drills on the Korean peninsula. A US aircraft carrier group is steaming towards the region, the Daily Mail reported. The rhetoric comes after North Korea warned that President Donald Trump's "troublemaking" and "aggressive" tweets have pushed the world to the brink of thermonuclear war. Pyongyang's Vice Minister Han Song Ryol accused Trump of building up a "vicious cycle" of tensions and warned the US against provoking North Korea militarily. He said, "We will go to war if they choose." He added the country would continue developing its nuclear programme and conduct its next nuclear test whenever its leaders see fit.