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Thread: Sirius XM October - December 2017 *** Happy Year End Trading ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazareth View Post
    Does anyone know why Sirius is taking a hit this morning.
    Can’t find anything at all but the Steve Brannon induced Sirius Boycott by celebrities Seth Rogan, Melissa Etheridge etc...). If that’s the reason, consider this enormous dip a gift and load up as you can bet Brannon will be paid to step down or maybe even a sexual misconduct allegation will surface and he will be ejected. More likely, nothing will happen and the situation will just dissipate. God I hate politics!

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    Just snagged 10k shares at $5.25. Hope my suspicion is correct...

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    Why can't we go up.30 for once. Something is up.

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    65 million shares traded already

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    Sirius XM Shares Slammed On CRB Rate Hike $SIRI

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    I am so wrong. It is because of a CRB rate hike.

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    You beat me to the punch.

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    Still feel good to have bought those shares. Although not good news, reaction is pretty over the top if you ask me. I say it closes in the $5.40’s by the end of the day. I think it will be a couple of quarters before we see $5.70’s again unfortunately.

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    I feel the same I'm just glade I found a reason why.

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    Hope no one minds....i started the new thread for the upcoming year. Just for fun added a poll.

    Yeah i was shocked to see the huge drop...i bought 1k shares then investigated why. Hope they will appeal it and get it reduced.

    I remember a time when i use to buy 50k shares of this stock not just a 1k.

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