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Thread: Help bring DJ's back to 50's on 5!!!

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    Help bring DJ's back to 50's on 5!!!

    Please help me bring back DJ's to 50's on 5!

    In 2014 SiriusXM dumped all of their disc jokeys from 50s on 5 in an effort to save money on salaries and make the station more "music intensive". That day we lost great DJ's like Jim Kerr, Pat St. John and Norm N. Nite and since then the station has steadily been going downhill. That day truly was the day the music died. Flash forward to 2017 and 50s on 5 is an abandoned shell of what it once was. Everyday the playlist keeps getting smaller and smaller and is more reminiscent of a broken jukebox than a radio station listened to by many daily. The playlist only includes 3 or 4 songs by Elvis Presley while we continuously hear the same few songs everyday by the same artists who have a great résumé of hits that are not played. The years 1960-1963 have been wiped off of the playlist so beloved artists and staples of the genre like Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Gary U.S. Bonds are never heard on 50s on 5 or anywhere on SiriusXM for that matter. Instead of "music intensive", 50s on 5 has become superficial and Dj's must return to bring back the music the way it should be heard. While SiriusXM's profits have been greatly increasing and they are able to pay Howard Stern big bucks for his show and so many others on the many channels SiriusXM provides, there should be nothing holding them back from hiring back some DJ's. In a highly competitive field customers can easily turn elsewhere for free to listen to 50s/early 60s but maybe the convenience of a 24/7 commercial free 50s station is keeping them subscribed. Also maybe the hope that the station will improve to what it used to be is keeping them paying. 50s on 5 is still on channel 5 so it must still be listened to by many in great numbers. Many of us have great memories listening to the Dj's on this station and the station used to truly feel alive as we sent in our many requests and dedications over the years. For example of what it was in it's prime I have left a link to some air checks of The Night Prowl Show from a few years back when Matt the Cat was on XM5. Listen to how engaged the listeners are in the program and the selection of music that was played. I'm sure that the thousands that listened to him back then would love to hear him back and many would resubscribe if they heard he was back. My final point is that a listening audience we need to have our voice heard. It has been 3 years without DJ's and SiriusXM has proven that they can't program the channel without them. With the price of a monthly subscription we the listeners should have our say in what we want to hear, and as the years go by 50s on 5 is one of the only places left to hear the golden age of rock 'n' roll. As a subscriber myself I am going to sadly cancel if things do not improve. Hopefully if we can at least get a couple hundred signatures SiriusXM will listen to our voice. Join with me and hopefully we can make 50s on 5 a good station again. Let's bring back the memories. Please share!!!

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    klukejohn, I still hear lots of 1960-63 songs on the '50s Channel. And since the channel does play so many songs from the early 1960s along with the 1950s hits, I think it should be renamed SiriusXM Gold. Before Sirius started carrying '50s On 5 in 2008, there was a channel called Sirius Gold. I agree with you that the '50s Channel should have disc jockeys who can re-create the way top-40 radio sounded in the late '50s and early '60s. It would also be fun to hear some commercials and radio station jingles from that era.

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