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Thread: XMP3 in Popular Science

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    XMP3 in Popular Science
    So, anyone thing this is a good thing there is at least showing us now what the XMp3 player. And Wow 5 channel recording at the same time

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    nice !

    good lookin out Demon !

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    Sirius Portable

    I like the looks of this. I was looking into buying a portable as I have Sirius in my car but would like something I can take with me. Does anyone know of the new Sirius portable offerings that might be in the works.

    I was thinking of buying the Stiletto 2 but if something new is coming out it might be worth my wait.

    Thanks for any info including rumours.

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    This new pioneer device looks really good. XM has always put out some pretty good hardware. I want to continue subscribing to Sirius and get the best of XM when it becomes available so I don't think this unit would be the way to go unless you wanted XM with the best of Sirius. I hope they come out with a similar unit with the capability of receiving both XM and Sirius soon.

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    When the HELL are they going to add WIFI to XM's portibles! I do not need a portable in my car, I need it in my house and in the Gym, both of which do not get CRAP for reception from Satellites, but BOTH of which have WiFi access!!

    Put WIFI into all portibles from now on damn it! I have almost switched over to Slacker because of this.

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    I didn't realize that. That is a very important thing that I missed. I thought it was pretty much standard on these things.

    Thanks for saving me some displeasure.

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    Proud owner of new XMp3!

    Wow! This thing is awesome!! I'd been hearing these were delayed until December but someone over on got one and posted pictures. So I went to BB yesterday just to see if they happened to have any and there they were! It's really cool looking. Much more iPod-like than the inno. I haven't had a chance to play with all the features yet, but so far I'm thrilled. It's about the size of my RAZR phone. It's a little lighter than I thought it would be but feels solid and the buttons are tight. The sides and back have a slight rubberized feel which is nice. And the screen... Beautiful!!! I've got it in the dock right now, flipping channels with the remote. I can see the text/graphics perfectly from 3 feet away. I was a little worried about the reception using only the built-in antenna. But I've been pleasantly surprised by how good it sounds while sitting in my living room or laying in bed. Haven't run into any software/hardware glitches. The only thing that doesn't appear to be available yet is the XM2Go Music Manager software. The link they give to download it isn't valid. I called XM and the call center folks didn't know anything. They gave me an email address of someone to follow up with. But other than that, I couldn't be happier! After years of using my old XMPCR, it was finally time to upgrade. It's well worth the $$$.

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    I was looking at the Best Buy website and it said that they were in stock and ready to ship...

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    The no wifi thing kind of stinks but this thing is awesome otherwise.

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    officially launched today 10-16

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