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Thread: 2017 Accord can only get Howard Stern with All-Access?

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    2017 Accord can only get Howard Stern with All-Access?

    I have a four month old Honda Accord with a lapsed 90 day SiriusXM trial. During those 90 days I was able listen to Howard Stern, but unable to stream him.

    A month after the trial ended, I'm would like to pick up the service, and customer care told me that my radio can only receive Howard with an All-Access subscription.

    Please note that the SiriusXM subscription grid CLEARLY shows Howard comes with Select AND All-Access.

    Does this sound right that my radio won't pick up Howard with the Select service?

    Thank you for looking at this post.

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    There are actually 3 kinds of radios out there: XM, Sirius, and SiriusXM. SiriusXM radios were manufactured since the merger and has more channels, including 10 music channels, that's the one to get so you're in luck in that regard. Stern was originally on Sirius radios, where his show was standard, because Sirius was the company that hired him, ipso facto XM and SiriusXM radios require the "All Access" channel package because Howard isn't a standard channel with them, which makes sense.

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