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Thread: good bye forever

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    good bye forever

    I am posting this here because I am unable to talk to anyone at XM nor can I get the street address to use snail mail. I have been an XM subscriber for a number of years (back when the cost was $10/mo.) and am on my second home radio. The first one with a shark fin antenna worked great for a long time but quit so I bought another. This one has an antenna which looks like a big black Chicklet with a magnetic base. VERY sensitive to location - go from no reception to 3 bars by moving it 1-2 inches. It's facing southwest and I'm in southern Indiana. For the past week I have been looking at "no satellite signal". A session with the automated trouble shooting routine confirms that the account is active. Ten minutes with a woman at the service number (866-463-5326) was no help. By the way, listening to the hold music at that number did nothing for my impression of the professionalism of the company. I have also found that the service is available for $8/mo ; I'm paying $22. If anyone wants this POJ it's yours for the shipping, otherwise it goes in the dumpster. My email is
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    SiriusXM has offices at 1221 6th Avenue, New York NY 10020, phone 866-635-5027, and 655 North Central Avenue, Glendale CA 91203, phone 818-500-4500. Before you give up, try calling the 866 number or 888-539-7474. SiriusXM has almost as many telephone numbers as channel numbers!

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