Today's SiriusXM press release says this program is "geared towards men and women listeners." That pretty much covers everybody, I suppose.

SiriusXM to launch Women In Trucking show

SiriusXM today announced the launch of Women In Trucking, a live call-in show airing exclusively on SiriusXM Road Dog channel 146. The weekly two-hour show will premiere at 11 AM ET Saturday, January 20. Hosted by Ellen Voie, SiriusXM's Women In Trucking will feature listener call-ins and interviews with professionals from the trucking industry -- from drivers, technicians, and engineers to transportation CEOs and dispatchers -- sharing their stories of the challenges and opportunities of the open road.

Women In Trucking, a show geared towards men and women listeners, will also address gender diversity issues pushing for more women to join its ranks. With women making up 7% of the trucking industry workforce, SiriusXM's Women In Trucking will help promote the employment of more women by identifying and removing the obstacles that keep them from entering the field.