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Thread: Song titles and band names are truncating on display

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    Song titles and band names are truncating on display

    Take a look at my attachment. It says the name of the song is "Ballad of the Ea". Why does it chop off the rest of that text when there is plenty of room to display the entire song name?

    Is there any way for me to configure this to show me the whole song name?
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    This is specific to your car's radio. For whatever reason, they seem to have set a max number of characters. Others head units have scrolls that display really long song names and talk show topics.
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    That "max number of characters" can be a good source of amusement. For example, Alt Nation, channel 36, often plays The Hardest Button To Button by the White Stripes and the display shows the title as The Hardest Butt. Ooh-wee!

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