In 2016, Trump and the Republicans seemed to have only one goal: to undo everything Barack Obama did. Trump promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a "beautiful" new healthcare plan. He failed to do so. Two weeks ago, a district judge ruled that since Americans are no longer required to buy insurance, the entire Affordable Care Act has to be scrapped. His decision was widely criticized by legal experts -- and his decision may wind up hurting the Republican party.

After years of assailing Obamacare, some Republicans now fear the political fallout
Los Angeles Times, Dec 28 2018 4:20 PM

Republicans in Congress, fresh off an election that punished their party for opposing healthcare protections, now worry that a recent federal court ruling undermining Obamacare could give Democrats new ammunition for 2020 and they’re scrambling to thwart any attacks. Particularly in the Senate, some Republicans want to prove to voters that they will protect popular benefits mandated by President Obama’s signature 2010 law, especially insurance coverage for people with preexisting medical conditions. They are eager to neutralize an issue that Democrats effectively used in the midterm election to gain a net 40 House seats and take control of the chamber.

House Democrats are considering legislation making minor changes to the healthcare law and undoing some Trump administration regulations, notably one allowing health plans that don’t adhere to Obamacare’s coverage requirements — "junk plans," critics call them, because insurers can drop patients when they get sick. Healthcare is "the number one issue for the electorate and the number one wedge issue between Republicans and Democrats," said Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. "Do Republicans really want to gift us with this issue for the next two years?"