I am ashamed to admit that I cannot set-up my new Sirius radio, which was installed by the dealer in my new motor home. The worst part of this issue is that I previously owned/set-up a Sirius radio in an old vehicle, which hung from the AC vent. Additionally, I have a Ford F150 that came with a Sirius radio in the factory installed sound system of the truck.

My major problem seems to be that the screen image(s) on this new radio are not anything similar to the factory truck radio screen. Hence, while the Sirius radio in the motor home is active, I am unable to set-up the 3 channels that are available in my truck, nor am I able to secure the channel #s available in the subscription type that I have.

If this message is not too nonsensical, any assistance that might be afforded me will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your response(s).