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    There are things happening in our country and the world that are very ominous. Most people do not notice them or are unaware of how significant and dangerous they are. Ignorance and apathy are rampant.

    There is much at stake - more than you realize.

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    It is not overly dramatic to say the country is in a dangerous time. Those who are knowledgeable about the changes that have occurred over the last 45 years know how we got here - the rest don't care.

    Humans are commonly gullible, suggestible, emotional and impatient. Getting someone to read a lengthy article or a book that provides an in-depth analysis of a complex subject is next to impossible. There are sports to watch, movies to see, and many other more interesting things to do.

    I am not hopeful that this will change. The damage will likely, as a result, get even worse.

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    Over the last 40 plus years both political parties have decayed and, as a result, the country has deteriorated. Those who are knowledgeable of these changes know there is no real opposition party to the totally repulsive Rs. It is a mirage, and we are manipulated to prevent our seeing how we are being deceived. As Gore Vidal once said, “There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.” This has never been more true.

    There are dozens of examples that provide objective evidence of the metastasising rot. Here is the most recent, going on while the country's institutions and rule of law are being undermined and wrecked by the worst administration in history. Everything is being facilitated by the phony "liberal" party.

    If the handful of real progressives are prevented from overhauling this corrupt system the country will eventually become unlivable for all but the top few percent.

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    I am critical of both political parties as the post above and many others here prove. Power and wealth control everything, more than ever, and this must be fought and changed.

    THIS is a great explanation of the lies, deception and manipulation that works daily to stop beneficial changes in the country and to prevent those that work to accomplish it any success.

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