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Thread: My 2017 Escape and acquiring signal issue.

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    My 2017 Escape and acquiring signal issue.

    Okay, I just traded my 2013 escape for a 2017 and now I'm having issues with the Sirius radio cutting out and "acquiring signal" more often than ever. I know I have that when I am around tall buildings and underpasses, but I've never had it on a clear day going down the highway with no obstructions. I have the new Sync 3 technology. Is there an issue with the technology or is something else going on? Help!!!! Once my 6 months free is up, I won't renew if I can't find a fix. This was NEVER a problem with my 2013 with My Ford Touch!!

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    I would bring it back to the dealership. There might be an issue with the hardware itself.
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