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Thread: help operating sr1 radio that I use in my car

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    Unhappy help operating sr1 radio that I use in my car

    I have an old SR1 radio that I use in my car, it's not built into my car, but plugged into the cigarette lighter. When I turn the car on and the radio on, the screen on the radio just shows "Sirius" and that's it. No matter which buttons I press, I cannot hear music or change the channel. The display remains the same. I tried turning it on and off again, changing the plug, unplugging and plugging it. None of these things work. I miss my radio! Can anyone help?

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    Hi Sueann, welcome to the forums, I'm new here like you are, this is also my first post, I'm a little surprised with over 130 hits on your post that no one has commented, an SR1 sure sounds familiar, but it's been so many years since I had anything even remotely related to XM that I just can't remember, so I may not be much help to you, but on the xm unit I had many years ago, if I remember correctly, first I had to link it to the car stereo, through an FM signal on a frequency of something like 88.7 or something like that, before I could get it to work.

    could you post a picture of your SR1? we might could look up information through a google search or something, I just spent a little time on Google trying to look it up, but only found antennas.

    it just doesn't seem like there's much on the internet in the way of helpful Sirius XM forums, hopefully this one will have some knowledgeable people that might chime in with some advice.

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