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Thread: How do I cancel Sirius radio for a deceased relative?

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    How do I cancel Sirius radio for a deceased relative?

    A relative of mine died recently, and he apparently had Serius radio in his car.

    I have his account login information, and I've logged into his account and can find no "cancel service" option.

    I was afraid of that - not seeing an EASY way to cancel service, and now I think it will be a battle to cancel it.

    The service is -> Select (Monthly)

    So hopefully there is no cancel fee because it's monthly.

    Really doesn't matter, since the credit card used to pay for it has been canceled, so I can probably just do nothing and this issue will go away. But I was looking for a "cleaner", no hassle way to cancel this service.

    If there is such a way, please post details here as a reply to this post.

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    You have to call in to cancel doing nothing'll lead to having a collection agency get in touch with you.

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