I can understand the frustration. The reasons seem to be many, but when we break them down the final outcome almost always comes down to the PPS not being where it should be. The facts are, almost all the metrics have improved greatly over the last several quarters. I also have news for the nay-sayers they are only going to get even way better from here. The PPS is not doing what it should be and that is frustrating to most even me.

Now I know some say the financing is the reason for the downturn. While that is a overhanging issue it should not be the reason for the stock being this low. The credit market stinks yes, but when a company with the metrics that are showing them to be coming out of the woods in a few more quarters, does not make sense that they will not be able to get the last piece of financing to get the rest of the way, even if the financing is not on good terms for SIRIXM. The fact is for most of the remaining financing, those people will have a choice to ether extend the terms for a few more quarters (not give them more money) or get maybe pennies on the dollar in bankrupcy court. It seems most have forgotten SIRIXM has not missed a payment yet and the possiblity of them missing one will get less in short order.

So in conclusion, I do not know why the PPS is not where it should be. I am not a big believer in conspiratorial stock manipulation, but I am getting there. I am not saying the PPS should be 4 or 5, or even 3 at this point, but 1 and under, that is just ridiculous. When have you ever seen a stock with a almost proven brite near future as SIRIXM has as low as SIRIXM is today. That is frustrating, but remember this it is not reasonable and not something that can be justified for to much longer.