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Thread: Sirius XM April 2016 Thread

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    Sirius XM April 2016 Thread

    Good Luck!

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    Pandora has dropped below $9.......Lookout below.........

    Enterprise Value/EBITDA (ttm): -28.30
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    Sorry I've been out of touch

    I've been busy "working" as a study subject for a research project that has now been published. Here's an article about it that contains a link to the actual study.

    I should clarify that although I could have posted more often because the study didn't really take up that much time, I didn't really feel like going to the effort.....that, and it was hard to use the keyboard cause my fingers were full of Cheetos dust..

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    Unhappy Quiet in Here Today

    Funny how no one feels like talking when SIRI is down .04-.05.

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    Don`t you realize SIRI is a dead horse

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    Why is Disney Tanking Today??

    Just because of this maybe??

    Business Wire
    4:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time Apr 04, 2016

    BURBANK, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
    Thomas O. Staggs will leave his current position as Chief Operating Officer of
    The Walt Disney Company, effective May 6, 2016. He will remain employed by the
    Company in the role of special advisor to the Chief Executive Officer, Robert A.
    Iger, through this fiscal year.

    "Tom has been a great friend and trusted colleague for more than 20 years," said
    Mr. Iger. "He`s made important contributions to this company, earning wide
    respect across the organization for his achievements and personal integrity. I`m
    proud of what we`ve accomplished together, immensely grateful for the privilege
    of working with him, and confident that he will be enormously successful in
    whatever opportunity he chooses."

    Mr. Staggs` planned departure caps a distinguished 26-year career that began in
    Strategic Planning. He rose through the ranks to be named Chief Financial
    Officer, earning praise from Wall Street for his financial and communications
    skills. Mr. Staggs also led Disney`s Parks & Resorts through an era of historic

    Mr. Staggs said, "Disney truly stands alone, not only because of the Company`s
    phenomenal creativity, but also because of the thousands of remarkable people
    who make it such an extraordinary place. It`s been a privilege to work with them
    and be inspired by their creativity and commitment. It`s also been a great
    experience to work with Bob during this dynamic era of unprecedented growth and
    transformation. I remain grateful for that opportunity, and I`m confident that
    Disney`s future will be just as exciting as its legendary past."

    With approximately two years left before Mr. Iger steps down as Chairman and
    Chief Executive Officer, Disney`s Board of Directors will broaden the scope of
    its succession planning process to identify and evaluate a robust slate of
    candidates for consideration.

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    bought 10k @3.84....I think shorts will release by end of day. just looking to make a 2 or 3 hundy on this day trade.

    EDIT: Well guess this day trade just became a swing trade, lol. unreal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by njbones1 View Post
    Don`t you realize SIRI is a dead horse
    Bones you have to realize that user, whatever his name is today, has no life and likes talking to himself.

    Sirius has been dead and capped for some time. Nice for few cent swings but at this point I don't see any major move in the immediate future.

    DM. Don't worry you'll get that couple of hun soon.
    I may just have to dip in pre tomorrow if the price is right.

    Swing trades are all this bitch is good for.
    Have a nice evening Bones/DM

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    good to see ya heady!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dm_4 View Post
    good to see ya heady!
    Thanks DM.

    I'm usually lurking around here and there.

    I've noticed that this has become a pretty dead forum. What happened to King Midas?

    I've missed him and his insightful thoughts and predictions.

    Hope you're doing well. Sounds like it.

    There area few good folks here but they're dwindling rapidly.

    Take care and say hey to Denco.


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