I'm a lifetime subscriber. My radio eventually died last year so I bought a Stratus portable. I have several cars so the portable seemed like a good idea. After buying an in dash unit that supported a hideaway tuner I decided to buy the SXV300. So now I have used 2 of my transfers. Now the problem starts. I have package that provides Howard Stern, but guess what. No 100, or 101. I call back. They send a refresh. Makes no difference. I let it go over night. I call back and they say, oh, you have an XM tuner. It doesn't work on the SXV300 since it's an XM tuner. We can "over ride" please hold. So I hold, it should be working now. No, it's still not tuning to those channels. Well, please hold.

Since you have an XM tuner you will need to upgrade for $175. No, I paid for a lifetime subscription and 2 transfers. That's $399 plus $160. And you didn't tell me I would lose any channels. We can annotate your account to credit the transfer and switch you back. Click.

I called today (888) 539-7474. Gave my number, name, address. Explained again. Sorry sir, you will need to call the group that specializes in that tuner. Here's their number: (866) 587-4225. I spoke to a very nice and obviously in America lady who sympathized and said it's not right but yes paying for the upgrade is the only way. Maybe they can do something for me but it wouldn't be her. She gave me the number of the department who would handle that. (888) 601-6296. This time I spoke to Jose who was also very sympathetic but said he didn't know what they could do. Can you please hold. I waited until the music on hold stopped and I assumed I got disconnected, then waited until I finally figured nobody was coming back about 25 minutes total on this call.

Called back and spoke to Ivan, keep in mind giving my phone number, name and address each time. Fortunately they did have good notes on my situation. Ivan put me on hold and came back rather quick and offered $50 on the Premium package. I refused. He asked if there was anything else he could do. I asked for his supervisor. She was more accomodating but not much. She offered to waive my last transfer fee if I paid for the upgrade essentially charging me an additional $95 and said I would ge the internet streaming for a year.

I think the next call is to the FCC. I love the music channels but this company needs to work on Customer Service.