While Mr. K may have done a great job of growing Sirius to the size that this merger was possible, recent decisions lead me to believe the leadership in this company needs to change!!! If we assume that there was nothing else sirius or xm could have done to put pressure on the fcc, either legally or politically, to expedite thier ruling I will not question that. Since the ruling was anounced as iminent every decision seems to be a bad one. The financing was horrendous. The impact on the stock should have been foreseen and deemed unacceptable. Delay would have been better than result. Lack of aggresive and immediate cost cutting, seemingly no post merger plan in place, no marketing strategy in place and worst of all no creative ways to quickly provide saturation have made me lose all confidence.

After the conference call that only resulted in a "net negative" Of quotes to the effect of advertisers leaving in droves, wouldn't lend the company any of my money or comparing the ipod and iphone to a toaster, where should we find confidence in this ceo or board.

We should be begging apple to imbed a native application into the iphone and touch immediately. There are over 9 million iphones and touches in North America that would have an immediate impact on the top and bootom line yet all we hear about is oem penetration? Share revenue, pay a fee do what you need to do to create buzz even if it is on someone elses shirttails.

The only effective strategy I see is the path to bancruptcy or a bargain basement buy out. Not the plan I have as a investor, not trader, in this company.