What can be said of Mr. Karmazin's remarks regarding SIRIXM and the I-Pod (and other similar devices)? He expressed a negative attitude - shrugging off the potential, excitement and buzz of a bonafide arrangement with Apple (or others). Stating that SIRIXM desires to increase revenues but does not endeavor to create frequent press releases implying that such press releases are fluff - is disingenuous. All positive news via press releases are good for increasing revenue.

(I wonder how a press release like this: "SIRIXM AND IPOD JOIN FORCES" would compare to today's press release "SIRI to feature special AC/DC channel")

Perhaps Mel is concentrating on his own new wearable XM product. It should be an excellent product, but I did not appreciate Mel's attitude regarding competitive wearable products. An I-POD is not a toaster - not by a long shot.