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Thread: Mel - Announcing Best of and Synergies

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    Mel - Announcing Best of and Synergies

    I connected ahead of time on the stream where Mel will talk about the conference Here is atleast hitting points

    • Satelite and Transmission 20 Million
    • Programing : 60 Million
    • Customer Service and Billing: 20 million
    • Sales and Marketing 150 Million
    • SAC: $50mm
    • General and Administrative: 50 Mm
    • Research and Development: 25MM

    Approx 425 Million - Synergies are still being found out

    Best Of Sirius to include

    • Howard 100
    • Howard 101
    • Martha Stewart Living Radio
    • Sirius NFL Radio*
    • Sirius Nascar Radio*
    • Playboy Radio

    Best of XM to include

    • Opera and Friends
    • NHL Home Ice*
    • The Virius
    • Public Radio featuring bob Edwards
    • THE PGA Tour Network

    * Sports offerings will also include channels for play by play

    A-la Cart Radios and package launch on October 6th with The best of


    Feb 2009 - 300mm convert sirius
    May - 350mm bank debt XM
    December- 400m convert XM

    Summary Highlights

    • Best Programming expected to drive subscribers and revenue growth
    • Enhanced Scale and Competitive Position
    • Opportunity to reduce churn
    • Increased Advertising Reach
    • Continued improvement in subscriber economics
    • Improved financial performance through reaization of significant cost synergies
    • Accelerated EBITDA and Free Cashflow Generation
    • Higly Experienced Management team with proven leadership
    • Significant value creation for stakeholders
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