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Thread: Siirius Antenna Mounting.. On the move!!

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    Siirius Antenna Mounting.. On the move!!

    I have finally started my installation and instead of placing the antenna on the package tray just under the rear window, or under the front window on the dash, I opted for placing it in the hood between the window squirters.. It looks good and the signal strength is max most of the time.. Now the problem... The antenna is a small 1 1/4 x 1 1/4" magnetic mount antenna.. Apparently the magnet surface is not sufficient to hold it in place when going thru a car wash.. Today I did it and the antenna was moved 90 degrees from the mounting position.. I easily put it back but this is unacceptable.. QUESTION.. I have a roll of ruberized double sided tape that for use on a boat.. Will it harm the cars paint to put a 1 inch square of it under the antenna and them put it back in place? I have attached a picture to show where it is located..
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