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Thread: Another Rumor : Siri360

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    Another Rumor : Siri360

    Sirius XM Radio Inc. is rumored to be entering into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to provide its Sirius Satellite Radio service to the Xbox 360, according to VG Chartz.

    The feature is planned to be unveiled during the huge New Xbox Experience re-launching event on September 25th, according to reports.

    For a "modest monthly fee" users will be able to run Sirius through the Xbox 360 with no additional hardware needed. Users will also be able to pay for the service with Microsoft points.

    Additionally, members of Xbox live will get a free week to play with the service, and Sirius is said to be accessible while playing in a game.

    [VG Chartz via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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    I have seen people bashing this idea and I have to say that the naysayers are wrong about this. First of all its not just teenagers that are using 360, plenty of people who were once kids still play games (its part of the generation). The latest xbox is a full blown entertainment system and I am sure future version will be even more so.

    If I needed a new DVD player I for one would go buy a 360 since not only is it a gaming system but it is also a DVD player...why would I pay the same price for something that only plays dvd's? It can also be hooked up to a component system... so why couldn't I stream my Sirius through my stereo via xbox?

    xbox is content delivery just like everything else. As far as I am concerned Sirius should be getting in as many of these products as possible.
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    When I first read about this, I was confused. Xbox's are aimed at kids and young adults, the generation that is statistically more destined to be iPod owners than Sirius/XM subscriber.

    But the more and more I think about it, it is possible that this is EXACTLY what Sirius XM need to be doing. They need to go out and attract the younger crowd. I have always said that once you hear Satellite Radio, that you will never go back to listening to terrestrial again. Give some of those younger adults that are still video game junkies (21-35 age range) the ability to hear Satellite Radio and you will probably draw some loyal subscribers.

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    Well if you think of it like that I believe Tony Hawk Project 8 has Tony hawk radio on Faction ads during the game. I remember its one of the current gen Hawk game

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    My 2 cents as a father of 3 boys, who fought over whose turn it was for many years (yes, I fought for the controller, too)

    I believe the Tony Hawk video games have sirius advertising built right into the game play...

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    To the OP. I wish they had actually launched what you were refering to. I just posted in the Internet Radio forum about how I wish Sirius XM would approach Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and offer subscribers the ability to stream from the consoles. It's time for Sirius to target a new audience and that would be teenagers and young adults.

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